OmniMode: NEW Augmented Reality model by ROUVY

Augmented Reality routes allow riders to ride on real roads, from all over the world virtually by generating and processing animated 3D riders in real videos.
AR routes are recognizable when you see your or another rider's AVATAR. They are created by ROUVY directly. These can be found in all route categories in the ROUVY App and are marked with an AR badge. For more details have a look at this article.


What is OmniMode?

OmniMode is the next generation of the ROUVY indoor cycling app, with new features and an improved 360° range of views to give every rider an even more immersive AR experience. Let's take a look at the most exciting features (each title leads to an explanatory video):

  • REAR CAMERA VIEW allows you to turn and look over your shoulder.
  • STATIC PANORAMA CAMERA VIEW is there to stop the camera in one place and watch the peloton move forward.
  • IMPROVED ALTITUDE PROFILE makes the mapping of a change in gradient more granular, thus the ride is smoother when going over hills and rolling terrain. The ride experience is closer to reality.
  • FURTHER VISIBILITY OF OTHER RIDERS lets you see several hundred meters ahead.
  • IMPROVED AVATAR´S BEHAVIOR consists of better camera tracking of the user's trajectory, and this makes the rider always visible. The camera position is higher and it eliminates the strange behavior of riders in front of the camera during GROUP RIDES or in a peloton.

To use OmniMode at ROUVY, make sure you have the 2.15.0 v
ersion or the newer version of the ROUVY App.
You can use OmniMode during the Free Trial Period.





Where to find OmniMode Routes

We added a new CATEGORY in the App:

  • on the DASHBOARD screen, click on the ALL ROUTES button on the top-left tile,
  • CHANGE ROUTE screen will appear,
  • select the OMNIMODE category and choose a route:

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 19.04.31.png

You can also find OMNIMODE routes on the  ROUVY website.


How to Control Camera Angles

You can change the camera views manually during a ride by clicking on the icons at the top of the screen.

At the same time, there is also an auto camera set up, which means that the camera angle is changing automatically in a regular time period (80 sec front view, then 15 sec rear/panorama).

You can manually turn on/off the AUTO 360° CAMERA in the SETTINGS and control the camera yourself.

You can also control your camera angles from the saddle using our ROUVY Companion App.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.


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