Remote help support

Almost everything can be fixed by the user himself. But there are cases, where a higher force is needed. In those cases, we offer remote help. 

We have implemented TeamViewer in our Windows App, therefore, no further installation is needed. Other platforms are not supported yet.

TeamViewer is fast, safe and easy to use, remote controlling software.

Whenever our Support team asks you to provide TeamViewer Remote Control ID and Password, head over to our Rouvy Windows App, in the upper right corner click Help and select 'Remote help'.




Windows might ask you to allow TeamViewer full access to your computer. Click Yes and continue.




The window with Your ID and Password will appear. Copy those numbers to the email client and send it to us. We will connect to you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: Do not turn off the App, nor this window. Turning this off would disconnect you from the TeamViewer and we wouldn't be able to control your PC.



Important note: Please note that the remote support is made from Europe (UTC+1). Usually, we are able to connect in our office times from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm UTC+1. But of course, if you left your PC online, then we are able to connect anytime.