Firmware Update

What is firmware?

Firmware is a software that is embedded into a hardware device. Firmware controls how your device behaves. We recommend updating the firmware on your devices whenever it becomes available. New firmware often fixes bugs, contains new features, and protects you from security vulnerabilities. Some products can regularly check for new firmware and download it, or you can check for new firmware and download it manually. You can download the new firmware from the website of the producer of your trainer.

Why is Updating Firmware Important?

With firmware updates, improvements made to the functionality of these devices can be acquired instantly and without cost, enhancing the experience when using them. Different devices will have different methods of downloading and installing the new firmware. Thankfully, it’s usually automatically done with a restart, or else you’ll be notified of when you need to perform an update.
It can be pretty much guaranteed that when you first purchase a product that uses firmware, it won’t run perfectly. Most devices contain bugs or holes in their development that update releases can frequently correct. Other updates simply improve customers’ overall experiences and, for free, will allow users to get the most out of their one-time purchases.

How to Update Firmware?

For the CycleOps trainers please head over to our Rouvy Desktop App, plug in your BlueGiga Bluetooth dongle, go to Settings of the App - Trainer & Sensors Tab - Select trainer and connect it - Click on the trainer - Check firmware button.

YouTube tutorial is here.

For the Wahoo trainers, please install the Wahoo App on your device and follow the instructions given by Wahoo.

For the Tacx trainers, please install the Tacx App on your device and follow the instructions given by Tacx.

*The only updates that you can consider trustworthy are ones sent directly by the manufacturer or software company. Never trust third-party sources to update anything, as this can lead to the opposite of functionality, introducing viruses into the system that can render it impossible to use. Always check for the brand names you recognize. Thankfully, Driver Reviver sources its updates directly from the manufacturer.


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