Family Sharing

Family Sharing is an awesome feature for Premium subscribers that allows them to share their Premium features with family members.



  • Two additional family members may use Premium features for the price of one Premium.
  • Family members must use their own Rouvy account.



  • The owner of the Premium subscription (master) can register maximum of two other users.
  • The master (owner of a Premium subscription) can have only 5 devices linked to the Premium subscription. For example, if the Master will use a Desktop, iPhone, and iPad for his own Rouvy Account, he can link only two other devices for Family members.
  • Family Sharing feature can be managed only on website.
  • If you have already entered the username of the family member, you will not be able to remove it for 31 days.


How to manage Rouvy Family Sharing

  • Head over to Rouvy website
  • Log in to your Rouvy account with active Premium Subscription (as master)
  • Go to “Settings;” then, select “Subscription” in the menu
  • Click on “Manage family sharing” button
  • Add/remove Rouvy username of your Family member


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