TrainingPeaks​ Workout of the Day

TrainingPeaks Workout of the Day

We are happy to introduce a new feature, TrainingPeaks workouts integration for all Rouvy applications.
TrainingPeaks is the most popular and sophisticated training portal which offers athletes to create and plan the own training routine. And it helps coaches guide their athletes through individual training plans.
We are so stoked to establish an integrated training environment together with TrainingPeaks. What do we mean by integrated environment? You (or your coach) can easily create a pre-defined workout in TrainingPeaks. Your workout is going to be automatically and instantly synced with Rouvy apps for you to be just a few seconds from the ride.
At TrainingPeaks, coaches believe there is a right way to train for an endurance event. It starts with having a clear goal, finding expert instruction, performing structured training and receiving immediate feedback throughout the process. The TP eco-system on web, mobile and desktop applications will help and guide you on your journey.
Each day the TrainingPeaks workouts will be displayed in your Rouvy account.
Only workouts of the day are to be accessible in Rouvy apps.
The main benefit of TrainingPeaks workouts in Rouvy application is the automatic control of trainer’s resistance by Rouvy application.

1) How to connect Rouvy to TrainingPeaks?

You need to create a Rouvy Account. Simply sign up on the Rouvy on the web link or sign up via the Rouvy Desktop app.
Look up “TrainingPeaks” in Rouvy app > main menu. First of all, it is necessary to connect Rouvy Account to your existing TrainingPeaks Account.


Go to Settings – Cloud – TrainingPeaks and turn the switches on.

Enter your TrainingPeaks username and password. You can also create a brand new TrainingPeaks Account if you don't have the one yet.


Connect Rouvy App to TrainingPeaks by logging in.


When you get back to the TrainingPeaks tab, you will be able to find your “Workout of the Day”.

2) I don't see my workout in Rouvy. Why? What kind of TrainingPeaks workouts are supported in Rouvy?

You or your Coach has to add a workout to your Training diary (you must add it via the website, not in the app). Simply click on a day and click the plus button below.




Rouvy displays and can synchronize only TrainingPeaks workout that contains specification ‘Bike’ Workouts. Other specification will be not displayed in Rouvy apps.



Click "Build Workout" button.



The only Workout that will be displayed in the Rouvy must be classified as „Duration“ and „FTP“.



3) Syncing different FTP values between TrainingPeaks and Rouvy

When a user clicks on the Workout of Day and the FTP value in the TP app differs from that one in Rouvy, Rouvy will ask you to synchronize the FTP value. We recommend to confirm and synchronize. Otherwise, the workout profile will be inconsistent with the coaches expectations...

Why is the FTP important?

The workout profile is based on workout segments. Each segment is defined by duration and % FTP. Once the FTP values in TrainingPeaks and in Rouvy are not the same, the final workout that is generated for each ride in Rouvy will set the different higher/lower resistance to a trainer.

4) TrainingPeaks Workouts of the Day in training diary and activity synchronization

All information about activities in the Rouvy application is sent to TrainingPeaks. TrainingPeaks process the uploaded activities and based on the incoming values from Rouvy change the status of the workout. New workout status will be immediately displayed in the TrainingPeaks calendar.

Green color means that the workout is completed.
Red - your workout is not completed.
Grey - your workout is planned.


5) TrainingPeaks workouts history in Rouvy

All TrainingPeaks workouts that you could see on the pre-training screen are automatically saved in My TrainingPeaks workouts and you can ride them anytime again.


6) How to export any workout from TrainingPeaks Mobile App to Rouvy mobile application?

In the TrainingPeaks application:

  • first, choose the particular day in the TP Calendar to choose the workout (activity),
  • slide down and click on the button “Export Workout”.  



  • Choose ERG or MRC as a file type.
  • Select CVT mobile icon.


  • Click the “Ride” button.



Where can I find my workouts in Rouvy applications?

  • Select Workouts > Created or My favorite.
  • There you can find your TP workouts and ride them again.





Note: You can also use your own video from your device. 


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