The Trainer Resistance Seems To Be Wrong

If you think your trainer giving you inappropriate resistance, first of all, you should provide a calibration and if it doesn't help you should do a Rouvy resistance test to prove if it’s SW or HW issue – or to be able to find the best solution. To be sure it’s necessary to test Trainer’s resistance both in ERG mode (Power mode in Free Ride).



It’s necessary to ride this test in Free Ride mode, you can use and switch both „POWER“ and „SLOPE“ mode during one activity. It has two parts. The first one is in „POWER MODE“, the second one should be ridden in „SLOPE MODE“.

Start the test with „POWER MODE“ and adjust the first resistance level (target power) to 150 W. You have to sustain each resistance level for 1 minute and try to maintain the same cadence. There is an example:

  • 1 minute; 150 W; 85 – 90 RPM
  • 1 minute; 200 W; 85 – 90 RPM
  • 1 minute; 250 W; 85 – 90 RPM


If you couldn’t stand the load of 250 w per 1 minute, please lower the “Power Mode” test. You could start at 100 W, then continue to 150 W and finish at 200 W.

Right after the first part – you need to switch into „SLOPE MODE“ in Settings and start the grade of 0% (flat). There will be the same process as in „POWER MODE“. You should stay at each level for 1 minute and then increase the grade.

  • 1 minute; 0%; 85 – 90 RPM
  • 1 minute; 3%; 85 – 90 RPM
  • 1 minute; 6%; 85 – 90 RPM




How can I switch from power mode to slope mode or change the load?

  • Go to Free ride Setting -> Target mode.
  • Go to setting -> Value of change by +/-.


If you find out there is something wrong

Right you will be done with the test, please let us know. Simply contact the service desk on In the topic of e-mail enters “Resistance Test” and let us know the exact date and time when you had to provide the Resistance test or share with us the link to the activity from the Rouvy web portal- training diary and we will check it in detail if there is something wrong.


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