- Desktop Video Troubleshooting

If you experience problems with a video in the Rouvy Desktop, then the first check:

  • You have the latest upgrade installed. Go to top window menu Help – Check for Update.
  • You have the latest K-Lite Codec pack installed. We recommend using the Ninite installer (no toolbars and other PUA – potential unwanted applications): K-lite codecs.
  • If you have Microsoft "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" only installed for your graphic card then you have to install the proper vendor graphics driver.
  • You have the latest version of the video graphic card driver installed.
  • Make sure the video is not opened in any video editor application (Windows Movie Maker, VirtualDub, etc.).
  • If you have the dual graphic card, try to switch to the other graphics card.
  • Try the Broken video Playback on systems with Intel or ADM graphics cards link to: codec guide. (If you are not sure if these tips are for you, then look at System information: Desktop system information or contact our support).

When reporting a problem, please add following information:

  • What kind of training you ride, when playing the video: Route, Workout, Free Ride, Online Race.
  • In a case of route training, also provide the name of the route if the video is downloaded or streamed.
  • Do not forget to mention whether the route is external:
    Created route or Real Life Video (RLV).
  • Desktop system information here.
    If you use one screen only if you have a secondary screen or TV plugged in.
  • If you have a PC with Dual Graphics card.
  • If you have a problem with a video on the route training, you may try to download the video and ride it with the Free Ride. Then report to us, if the video in the Free Ride has been playing or not.


Codecs settings (experienced users)

Together with the K-Lite Codec is installed a tool c:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Tools\CodecTweakTool.exe. Choose Settings: Backup button. Choose a folder where to store the codecs setting backup, zip the folder and send the zip to us.

Video graph (experienced users)
If you have a problem with an external video (Created route, RLV, any video for Workout, Free Ride), you may send us video graph. Together with the K-Lite Codec is installed a tool c:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Tools\GraphStudioNext.exe. Open the video file File > Open, then save the graph File > Save as XML as a *.grfx file. Attach the *.grfx to the ticket.