- Why is it Necessary to Calibrate?

Why should I Calibrate?

  • We are “Bringing the outdoors inside,” meaning that we are duplicating the reality as close as we can. In order to get the most accurate data possible from our app, you should calibrate before every training - every time you mount a bike to the trainer, every time you pump the wheel, every time you will feel there is something weird going on with the trainer, or at least once a week.

What are HOT & COLD calibrations?

  • HOT calibration is a special feature for CycleOps trainers only. COLD calibration is the same as a calibration for other trainers, but HOT calibration can be undertaken when you ride a route. You should COLD calibrate before the start of the training session, and you may HOT calibrate during the route for an even better data outcome. More about HOT & COLD calibration in the links below.

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