Calculation of public rankings and control system

All training records saved to the Rouvy portal (directly or from the desktop or tablet application, from PowerTap Mobile) that are imported from a verified source (sports tester, treadmill, ergometer, GPS…) are automatically included in the public user rankings.
The following record types are not included in the rankings:

  • Manual record - Data entered in the training diary with no detailed record from an external device (sports tester, GPS, etc.)
  • Training record marked as “Corrupted Record “- Record identified by automatic check or manually by the administrator as noncompliant with one of the rules for placing the record in public rankings.


Public Rankings in General
Public rankings are always current. There are several types of rankings on the Rouvy portal that can be displayed for various time periods (week, month, year):



The ranking of basic user’s calculated values. Main calculated value is total training time in the period. You can watch the number of active days, the total number of workouts in period etc.

Heart rate zone

User ranking by time spent in each of the heart rate zones.

Watt zones

User ranking by time spent in each of the load (watt) zones.

Energy Ranking

User ranking by total energy burned expressed in calories.

Climbing Ranking 

User ranking by total climbed meters.


Prestige Award - Champion of the Week

Prestige awards are given for the past week every Monday at 15:30 CET (Europe Time):


Athlete of the Week

User who trained most hours for the last week

Creator of the Week

User who created and sent most virtual routes to the portal for the last week.

Ranking Climber

User who climbed most places of the public rankings for the last week.

Calorie Burner

User who burned most calories during training for the last week.

Climber of the Week

User who climbed most elevation meters in total during training for the last week.

Training Record Control

To qualify for public rankings and records, each training record has to meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Includes a speed record and the final average speed is within the interval (2;100) km/hr.
  • Includes a cadence record and the final average cadence is within the interval (20;200) rev/min.
  • Includes a heart rate record and the final average heart rate is within the interval (90;220) rev/min.
  • Includes a load record and the final average load is within the interval (100;1000) watts.

If none of the conditions are met, the record is automatically marked as Corrupted Record and withdrawn from the public rankings and records.

In addition, the record will be subject to further control if the average load is suspect for any reason. This verification process is carried out by the portal administrator. The record control conditions may be changed from time to time.