Focused On Personal Development And Rouvy Reality Level

As passionate, blazing cyclists, we have developed an application for passionate cyclists who have been struggling during the winter time, when they could only admire their bicycle in the garage and maintain their condition through fitness. Rouvy is definitely an entertainment application, but with a strong accent on personal development and an application that aims to bring cycling reality to your living room as closely as possible! All of our routes are defined as the real resistance level; simply put, we bring the outdoors inside!




Why is it important to use one personal account and not to share it with other persons?

Simply, age, weight, and FTP are important factors to calculate your position on the virtual route. Activities done on a regular basis naturally increase your actual condition. If you start to share your Rouvy Account with another person, the application will count this wrong incoming data and change your reality level.

Rouvy Account works with:

  • Your personal data only
  • Account bears only one activity history
  • You can follow your condition progress, as we find it to be a great support for your motivation.

Unique e-mail for unique Rouvy Account

Therefore, the entered e-mail address is tied/linked with your created Account, and it’s not possible to use this e-mail address to create additional accounts.

Activity history

The training diary in your personal Rouvy Account stores all your activities. You can go back and see how active you were during a particular period, and how your personal conditioning development increased.


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