How to transfer my subscription from iTunes/Google to Rouvy Subscription?

Have you subscribed the Rouvy via Google Play or iTunes and you would like to change your subscription to a premium? You will have access to the software on any device, as well as access to our premium content and premium rides. 

If you would like to transfer your subscription to Rouvy premium, please do the following:

1. Cancel your iTunes/Google Play subscription

  • How to cancel an iTunes subscription? here 
  • How to cancel a Google Play subscription? here 

2. Order at least 1 month of the Rouvy primary Subscription.

  • Provide login with your user Rouvy credentials.
  • Go to setting – subscription – or simply click the large green button “Upgrade” in the right top corner of the site.
  • Purchase at least one month of original Rouvy subscription.

3. Send us the receipt for the premium subscription

  • As well as the receipt for your iTunes/Google Play subscription, and we will be able to transfer the remaining time that was on your iTunes/Google Play subscription to your Premium account.
  • If you do not have the receipt from your subscription purchased through iTunes or Google Play, please take a screenshot that shows the remaining time on your subscription (iTunes / Google Play subscription management in your iTunes / Google Play account setting).