- Hot Calibration

The latest version of Rouvy has introduced a little something we’re calling “Hot Calibration.” The steps for completing Hot Calibration are the same as for Cold Calibration, but only for CycleOps trainers.
To hot calibrate a CycleOps smart trainer, an on-screen Hot Calibration notification will appear after an optimal warm-up time of seven minutes. If the rider chooses to perform a Hot Calibration, Race Mode will automatically pause to allow for the calibration to be completed now that the bike and trainer are warmed up, and will then automatically resume exactly where the rider left off.



While a cold calibration is a great way to start, a hot calibration will improve accuracy even more – which is why Rouvy gives riders the ability to do multiple hot calibrations throughout a ride or workout, if they so choose.


In short: hot calibration is a simple step that will help keep your wheel-on smart trainer as accurate as possible.


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