Online race

A great opportunity how to compare your condition with other Rouvy users in real time. You could either register yourself to planned (open) Online race or simply create your own Online race and invite your Rouvy friends to join.

Each race has a start date. Rouvy ensures that all joined users will start at the same start and you are able to compare online during a race yourself with other. You see the current position and statistics.

1. How to check in to planned race?

Open Rouvy app > in the left context menu choose "Online race" > "Scheduled" – here you can see planned Online races – choose one and register.

Please, remember that some of the planned races are provided with a password. In this case, you have to contact the Online race owner to ask him/her for the password.





2.Create own online race  
Another option is to create your own Online race. The only way is via Online race creator that is available on Rouvy Web. Check some images of Rouvy Web and application where is the Online race editor located.











How to edit race?

Open the Online race creator and simply fill up all data regarding your online race and click on the button "Create online race".


Then you can find yours created races in "My races".



When is "the time" of your race -> go to the Rouvy app -> log in -> Online race -> My Races (here you can find your own created or these, where you are registered) > ENJOY THE RIDE!




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