What Do I Need to Start?

Basic components:

There are four basic components you need to get riding:

  • A Smart Trainer or Turbo Trainer, and an ANT+ or BLE power meter/speed and cadence sensor (for Turbo Trainers only)
  • A bike
  • A device (PC – desktop, ANDROID, iPad/ iPhone)
  • A bridge/receiver for the ANT+/BLE signal (It depends on the configuration)



How does it work?

Once everything is connected and you start pedaling, your trainer/sensor transmits actual riding data via ANT+/BLE protocols directly to your screen device. What does it mean? Rouvy app is receiving the data and you are ready to ride the chosen Virtual route.

What gear do I need?

The first step is determining whether you are going to be riding with a smart trainer or a combination of a power meter/speed sensor and turbo trainer, or an indoor bike.

Trainer and Sensors

Smart trainer
A smart trainer transmits power data and has the ability to change the resistance based on the route inclination/declination; so, as you go up and down hills in Rouvy, you’ll feel those changes on your bike.

A power meter + any trainer. A power meter can be the most accurate way to measure your effort; and in Rouvy, it also allows you to ride any trainer in combination.

Turbo trainer + speed sensor
“Turbo“ is our name for a supported classic trainer + speed sensor setup. With this setup, Rouvy calculates your watts (i.e. power) based on the speed of your rear wheel, and allows you to move on the route. Remember that your Turbo Trainer must be on the list of pre-defined trainers, and remember that Turbo Trainers and Power meters don’t allow you to control the resistance.

Indoor Bike
Some indoor bikes have built-in sensors that transmit power. If you have one of these, you don’t need any other sensors.

Our full list of compatible trainers is listed in our knowledge base, so you can look into which one will work for you. 

You'll need something to pedal on, and a bicycle is the best choice! Most will work with Rouvy, as long as it fits on your trainer properly.


PC Computer

Remember to download the Rouvy application to be able to start the ride. For your PC, we have a PC Rouvy Desktop application. The Desktop version is available on Windows platforms only. Win 7 is the minimum.

ANT+ - The only necessary accessories are ANT+ USB Dongle.
Bluetooth – Rouvy definitely suggests the external BlueGiga USB Dongle as the most comfortable solution. Windows’ native Bluetooth is supported as well, but we do not recommend this solution as it very often causes problems.

iOS iPad/iPhone
The best way is to communicate over Bluetooth 4.0. protocol in case of ANT+, you will need additional requirement HW as Wahoo Key and Apple Lightning adapter. How to connect your iOS? click here

Android Device
We recommend you go directly to “Android compatibility list,” just because there are so many Android devices on the market, and that’s the reason we are not able to guarantee compatibility with all Android devices.
Generally, you need Android 4.4+, video streaming supported by Android 4.4+, and your tablet has to fully support USB Host mode or ANT+ must be integrated. How to connect your Android? click here


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