Cloud Services - link Rouvy with your training profile

Connect your account to any supported social network and you can share your training data with friends in a social network! From 1/8/2018 we don't support auto-post on Facebook or Twitter because of new terms and conditions. Activities are sent with a basic statistics information of each imported ride and you have to share it manually from the detail of activity on our websites. To all other networks, you can send complete training data automatically. You can enable the e-mail service and we will send you all your activities as a.FIT format on your verified email.
Regarding your e-mail account, there is not required any verification because your email is associated with your Rouvy User Account.


Here you could see - how it looks on the Desktop app:



To be able to connect any social network you first need to have your own account on those social networks or create one.
Then the activation is very easy, you only need to switch the social network button. You will be prompted to provide a login to your social network account and the connection will be created automatically.


Here you could see the view of Rouvy web portal:




Whenever you create an activity and the connection between Rouvy and social network will be active, the activity record will be automatically sent to the connected social network.
And of course, when you decided not to share your activity with the social network anymore, simply turn the button off, once you turn off, with your next turn on, you will have to fill your credentials of mentioned social media again.


Here you could see the view of iOS Rouvy app:


It doesn’t matter if the connection is created in some of the Rouvy app or on Rouvy website it will be always linked to your account.
Please remember that some social networks (for example Facebook) required connection refreshment. In this case, the social network will automatically cancel the connection after some period (usually one month) and you have to reconnect it again. We send notifications if the upload is unsuccessful. We recommend providing reconnection. Otherwise, we are sending the notification with every unsuccessful upload.

Here you could see the view of Android Rouvy app:




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