How to set up a Power & Heart rate zones?

To be able to correctly and clearly analyze your training data is quite necessary to correctly set up your Heart Rate Zones and your Power Zones. Please, pay attention to correctly set your maximum Heart Rate values and FTP in your profile settings (only on Rouvy web pages), then you have the option to keep the default setting, which is adjusted according to the values of maximum Heart Rate and FTP. Or you could manually adjust your Zones.

HR zones:

Z1 - Recovery - purple

Z2 - Fat burning - blue

Z3 - Basic Endurance - turquoise

Z4 - Aerobic Endurance - green

Z5 - Road Race - lime

Z6 - Speed Training- orange

Z7 - Anaerobic Sprint - red


POWER zones:

Z1 - Active recovery - purple

Z2 - Endurance - blue

Z3 - Tempo - turquoise

Z4 - Lactate Threshold - green

Z5 - VO2 Max - lime

Z6 - Anaerobic Capacity - orange

Z7 - Neuromuscular Power - red

When your Training Zones are not correctly set up, the final Training statics shown do not correspond to reality.

Poorly set up of colors, for example, all zones set on one color can cause invisibility of charts.

How to set up?

How to adjust your own Heart rate and Power zones on Rouvy?

1- Login to the Rouvy websites.

2- Tap the "Settings button" and choose "Zones". 



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