Free Ride

Simply, Free Ride is an unlimited and not predefined training. Free Ride feature is the only free option in Rouvy apps so you can ride it with or without a subscription. Without subscription there is only time limitation for 60min., then you can start new Free Ride session once again.

  • You could find Free Ride in Rouvy application in the main menu -> Free Ride
  • In pre-training screen, you can select any video that you want to watch during a ride. The video is not synchronized, just played… So we recommend some movies etc.
  • Click on button „Start Free Ride".




You are allowed to adapt your ride with the power resistance (power mode) or slope resistance (slope mode) setting:




The Trainers that contain virtual gears (e.g. Phantom or Kettler) can be ride only in Power Mode, the option of Slope is not available.


Can I use different screen views?
Of course, you have got 3 options of screen views.

  • Video view: You can import the video into the Free Ride tapping “Choose Video” and start Free Ride with your video.
  • Graph view: Default screen without video you see your statistics in the graph.
  • Mini view: For desktop only by tapping icon "1" in the screenshot below. To change it back to the Graph view tap "2" icon. To change it to video view tap icon "3".





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 note: this video contains the older version of the app, please apologize us for some of the inaccuracies.