Does Rouvy support the Racer S by iOS and Android platforms?

The Racer S can be controlled by Rouvy Desktop (all versions of ergometer). 


Why there is no pulse display on the device?

The detection of a pulse value takes about 15 seconds and can be disturbed by electromagnetic fields (e.g., electric motors, etc.). Please change the location of the heart rate strap for further tests.
In addition, the following sources of error are also possible: The heart rate strap is not properly positioned or is not sufficiently moistened. The distance is too large. The battery in the chest strap is too weak.


What is the Q-factor of the new Racer S?

Crank arm inside: 175 mm, crank arm outside: 200 mm.


Kettler Bluetooth (BLE) connection? 

The Kettler have to be paired in the Windows Bluetooth settings first. See the manual below:

1 - Open the Bluetooth Settings and click "Add Bluetooth or other devices". 


2 - Click the Bluetooth. 


3 - Find and choose your Kettler trainer.


4 - Enter the pin code. It should be displayed on the Kettler screen.



5 - Now, your Kettler is successfully paired in the Windows Bluetooth.


6 - Open the Rouvy app and you will be able to connect the Kettler sensor and start a ride.