- Connect KETTLER in Desktop

KETTLER has a long list of ergometers. Unfortunately, the communication is quite tricky, because many types of communication protocols were released in past.

In the case of a new version of KETTLER ergometer with communication via Bluetooth Smart, the situation is very simple and you can use the same tutorial like for standard Smart trainers. Also, these devices are fully supported by mobile Rouvy Apps too.

This article expects that you have connected your KETTLER trainer successfully via Bluetooth 2.0 / USB / COM into your PC. Now, we can connect the trainer into Rouvy App.

If you miss the previous step, please check these articles first (based on your type of trainer).

How to connect KETTLER via Bluetooth classic.

How to connect KETTLER via USB or via COM. 


How to connect KETTLER trainer in Rouvy App

Connect KETTLER trainer in App like below. Once trainer paired in Windows, you can connect it to the Rouvy. Go into App -> Settings -> Bike.

Important: In the case of communication via the Bluetooth classic protocol (Bluetooth 2.0/2.1) you must keep the option "Use BlueGiga Dongle instead of integrated..." OFF.



Click on the Select trainer ->select KETTLER trainer. The App starts to search for any KETTLER devices connected via Bluetooth / USB / COM and you can select from the listed of founded devices right yours.


Set the gears and the bike weight of the virtual bike.

To be able to make your ride easier/harder once you ride uphill, for example, you need the virtual gears. In Bike form, you can edit your virtual gears. These gears are sorted from the easiest to the hardest by the ratio of front/rear crank. You can change the virtual gear during a ride by plus / minus buttons on KETTLER's display. It makes the ride (resistance) easier or harder...

What all metrics can I get from KETTLER?

Rouvy controls the resistance/target power on KETTLER based on the type ride (based on slope/user's weight etc in the case of routes, based on target power/slope in case of freeride and workouts).

On other hands, Rouvy reads the current power, heart rate, and cadence.


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