How Do I Join? Rouvy Sign up

No matter if you are browsing the web or checking Rouvy from your iOS or Android device, anytime you want to join and click on “Download” the system redirects you to download the application. Simply, we want to guide you as fast as possible to our best Rouvy product Video-Virtual-Routes.




Here you can see the sign-up process on PC, but it’s very much the same on iOS and Android.



The download was done and Rouvy app asks you to sign up. Click on the button saying “Sign up,” and start the process of creating your Rouvy Account.



Choose your Username – enter your e-mail and create a password. If the app tells you that the Username is taken, please choose another one.

E-mail is for Rouvy’s unique information; if the e-mail was already entered into our system, the app informs you that the

maly4.pngin this case, please contact Rouvy support to ensure that you don’t already have an existing User Account.

We need your birthdate, gender, and weight. Those values are important for us to be able to calculate your real position on the virtual route. Remember, if you enter those values incorrectly, it will negatively affect the final virtual reality effect.




First Ride
As a new User, go ahead and try the best that we offer – a Video Virtual Route. The First Free Ride is available on all Virtual Routes, but we have already chosen one flat – video – premium – certificate route, where you can check how works. The only condition is to connect your Trainer and sensor and go. Please click on the button, “Connect and Ride.”




That’s our Pre-training screen, where you can find information about the route and other options. But, to be able to start a ride, you will need to connect your trainer and sensors. No matter if you directly choose “Select Trainer and Sensors,” or if you click on “Start Race/Training,” the app recognizes that there is no trainer connected and will redirect you to “Select Trainer” screen view.




The system will detect all available sensors and Trainers in your room. Click “Select” to make the buttons green and close.


8.png 9.png

Now – start the race:

 Start the race


14 Days of Free Premium Trial.

Do you like to check and ride more? No problem! As a new user, you have 14 Days of Free Premium Access to all Rouvy applications across the platform's access. The only condition to start your 14 Days Free Trial is to verify your email.








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