Challenges FAQs

Where could I find Challenge rules?

Rules are situated below the challenge description and usually, the most important parts are highlighted.




The challenge is already running for a while. Do you calculate also with the activities I´ve ridden even before I joined?

Nope, your activities are counted into challenge right after you join in.


There is the challenge based on mandatory Routes, can I ride them in Training mode? May I ride these Routes in random order?

No, you have to finish mandatory Routes in Race mode to be considered as completed in the challenge. It´s not necessary to ride the Routes in some pre-defined order. You can ride it randomly anytime you want during the challenge period.


I´m a bit confused about the challenge leaderboards. How do you make the rankings?

In challenges based on mandatory Routes, the rankings are made via „sum of ranks“ on each Route by default. If you´re more interested in „sum of time“, you can click on it and order the Leaderboard anytime you want to.


If I have to ride some amount of km/mi in one shot does it mean that I cannot stop the activity for a while? (take a breath, going to bathroom etc.)
Be sure you can stop the activity during the ride, we´re still human beings. You must not end the activity at all.