How to ride The SufferFest videos in Rouvy?

In all Rouvy apps (desktop, tablet, mobile) it is possible to ride workouts synchronized with popular videos created by SufferFest. 

Unfortunately, you cannot currently buy the SufferFest videos - only users who already own the videos can use them.


Ride a predefined video workout
The first step is to get your Rouvy account ready and then click „workouts“ button.





Click on category “The Sufferfest”




Before you start to train, the essential thing is to allow media (specifically video) in pre- training screen and choose the correct video file. We remind that you have to choose specific video for each workout (video The Long Scream for workout named The Long Scream).

Now you need to choose specific workout for the video that you have saved in your device.
- For example, if you have bought video „A very dark place“, you need to choose workout „A very dark place“.
If you want to synchronize workout with SufferFest video - you have to be sure, that you own this video in your device. Then simply click on button “Add video” > choose the video and click on it.

How to synchronize SufferFest video with the workout in iPad :








How to synchronize SufferFest video with the workout in the desktop app:




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