Why I can’t see my trainer or sensor?

The Rouvy supports all kind’s of sensors and trainers but what to do if I can‘t see my sensor?


There could be more reasons why your device doesn‘t see it in the scan. Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Check the batteries. if you don’t see any blinking light or only red light, change the batteries.
  2. Check the firmware version. Keep your firmware up to date if it is possible.
  3. Disconnect sensor from the other apps! You can use your sensor only with one application and now it is Rouvy, make sure you don’t use your sensor in any other device or application even in the background.
  4. Activate your sensor. Most of the sensors need to be activated to be visible in the scan so make sure you did a few rounds with a pedal or your diodes are blinking. In the case of heart rate monitors, sometimes you need to wet the sensor pads.
  5. Check connectivity. Some sensors (especially most of the Garmin sensors) communicate only via Ant+ so make sure you have the Ant+ stick in your Pc/iPad/iPhone or Android. (some Androids doesn’t need the Ant+ stick)


If you still can’t see your sensor, make sure your sensors can be connected to the other applications. Some sensors do have a custom/private protocol and could be paired only with the applications made for (e.g. Apple Watch, Garmin Watch, Fitbit, etc).




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