Bluetooth Connection


In case of Bluetooth connection, we strongly recommend using the BlueGiga Bluetooth dongle because the native Bluetooth in Windows Pc’s is not stable.

bluegiga-primary.jpg (815×815)

Just plug in the BLE dongle and let it happen. The drivers should be installed automatically.
Using this dongle will work also the older trainers communicating via Bluetooth 2.0 (Kettler).
With the dongle, you can connect at least 3 sensors/trainers.

Buy the dongle in our e-shop or here:


iPhone, iPads and Android‘s
Just make sure you do have the Bluetooth 4.0 Smart and you can connect how many trainers or sensors you like. You don’t have to install or download anything more, just turn on the system Bluetooth.


Do you have a trouble with the Bluetooth? Here are some fast tips:

  •  Take out and put back the dongle.
  •  Allow in the Rouvy application.
  •  Restart your device.
  •  Update sensor software.
  •  Check sensor batteries.
  •  Remove obstacles.
  •  If you are using the USB HUB, try to plug it right into your Pc/laptop.


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