Free Rouvy Premium Trial When it starts?

The 14 Days Free Trial period for a new customer is our premium features subscription content to try up and done our app.

When and how is the trial period activated?

Start your first ride – As a new customer, the system guides you to your First Ride which will be not less than 5 minutes long. And then the system asks you for:
If you create, as a new customer, the Rouvy account, you get our 14 days’ free trial cross-platform access. The receive those free 14 days you need to:

1. To create a Rouvy account – provide sign up. More information about the sign-up process here.

2. Verify your email. Simply provide e-mail verification process


3. Start your first ride – your trial period will start only after the ride which will be not less than 5 minutes long.

Your 14 Days Free Premium Trial is on!



What will happen when my Trial is over?

After the expiration date of your trial, remember that your Rouvy account stays active and keeps all setting and information. The Rouvy account without valid subscription has available the Free mode, where the free ride (limited by 1 hour) is enabled only. If you like to continue with Rouvy subscription content, you need to purchase a Rouvy subscription. Simply go to our Rouvy web > provide login with your Rouvy credentials> click on the big button “upgrade” > follow the process. 


What about if I cannot ride right away after I create my Rouvy Account?

You created Rouvy account, but you are unable to use our app? Because, for example, your trainer isn’t ready yet – don’t worry! Your trial start after your first ride activity. So you have a plenty of time to connect the trainer and complete the first ride.

Ups! I’ve purchased the subscription before my Free Trial expired?!

Well, you don’t need to purchase any Rouvy subscription if you are in the Trial period time. Remember, that Free Trial has always a higher priority than simple subscription, even you purchase a subscription during the Trial period, your Account status will be still “Free Trial” till it will expire. As it was mentioned, we recommend to purchase the subscription after your Trial expired, but if it already happens, please contact our service desk on 


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