Rouvy Career

My Career it definitely makes your indoor routine more enjoyable and keeps you motivated over seasons. As in the life, so even in the Rouvy Career, everybody has to start right from the ground!

Each Rouvy customer can build own Rouvy career. The customers can advance different levels of the Rouvy career based on scores earned for own performance.

The customers receive a unique email with congratulations and benefits offering, once they reach a higher level. Each level of “My Career” has specified tasks to complete (ride specific routes/workouts, complete X challenges, etc.). 


Points system

How does Rouvy calculate the points for the career?

1 TSS = 1 Point (TSS is calculated automatically during the ride)

How can I accomplish the task?

Tasks must be done in the level. Doesn’t matter if I rode the route in past.
Cumulative tasks are calculated on the day of the last activity.


Outdoor activities:

Yes, all outdoor activities with power included are used for Rouvy Career. But remember, the outdoor activities have to contain the Power value. As you already know the power information is necessary for counting out your TSS and without TSS information we are not able to count your points!


Each level has pre-defined tasks. The gradual fulfillment of pre-defined tasks allows you to collect the points. It doesn’t matter in what order you fulfill these tasks, but you have to complete them all. Some of the tasks have to be done on time – for example, ascend 15 000 ft, complete 5 online races, etc. Express it simply, farther you proceed in your career, more difficult tasks you would need to perform. Each season we will prepare new tasks to do it more interesting for you. For more information go to

The Career Levels

Basically, you have to collect points and complete pre-defined tasks to reach the higher level of Rouvy career. For more information go to websites, tap User->My career.
















Everyone who creates the Rouvy account is a registered user and Rouvy career starts on.

The Legends will be presented on the Rouvy websites in the Legends section. If you are the Legend already you can start from the beginning and double or at least triple up the Legends level. 


How we count the days in the Rouvy career? 

Because we have users worldwide, in all time zones, starting at different times of the month, we decided to ask our customers to complete the task in any 7 or 30 consecutive days. For example, if you have a task in your career to ascend at least 13,123.36 feet during 7 days (one week or one month), you must choose some ascent route or workouts to complete in the consecutive days and your task is done. But, if you cannot do this in 7 consecutive days, the first day will be deleted and the next day will be added to the previous 6 days. Your 7 days will “roll-over” or “float” until you reach your goal in 7 consecutive days. The same concept is used for a 30-day task.


What will happen after the end of the season?

Every user will earn a badge based on the reached career level. Your season statistics of total distance and total time will be reset.

Your current career level will stay for the new season. Your progress in the level from the previous season will be reset, means all your completed tasks from the current level will be reset and replaced with new tasks for the new season. 

You can compare yourself to the previous season or against the other customers in the “Season results” section.





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