iTunes/GooglePlay Subscription

The iTunes/Google Play subscription became a cross-platform standard subscription, able to access all Rouvy Platforms (iOS - Android – Win PC), in the rank of Standard version subscription. The premium features are not available to content for Standards. To allow this facility for iTunes/Google subscriber, we’ve found the existing iTunes/Google subscription to your Rouvy account. The change makes it impossible to share your devices with other Rouvy Account (users). It also makes it impossible to share one subscription with other users.

You could be faced with following issues:


  1. Have you shared your iOS device with other Rouvy Users and it’s not working for you anymore?

 iPad view




iPhone view




Anyone who shared your iOS device linked to your iTunes subscription will see a notification that he/she should purchase their own subscription.

  • Try upgrading your iTunes “Family Sharing” to a Premium web subscription, and share your Premium with your friends. One Premium can be shared with two other Rouvy users. Link to (how to migrate) – (Family sharing)
  • Ask your friend – family member to purchase his own subscription. Link: (subscription overview)


When the iOS device is used by two Rouvy users, even we may be unable to identify the subscription owner, and it could happen that the existing subscription is linked to friends or a family member account. If you are the subscription owner of an existing iTunes subscription and you see the screen above, please make an iTunes receipt screenshot and send it to our support team: .


New subscription iTunes displayed statuses:


  1. Active iTunes subscription view:




2. Expired subscription. For a subscription extension, please use extend button, month or year.

iPad view:



iPhone view:


3. The situation shown below could occur in the event a payment was made on iTunes, but for some connectivity reason, the payment wasn’t linked with your Rouvy account – The solution is to tap the button “Register on Rouvy”.


iPad view:


iPhone view:


Are you at the fitness center, doctor’s office or hospital? Are your customers using your iOS device with an active subscription? Then, the functionality is not available for you anymore. Please contact . We have a brand new B2B solution for you!

iTunes/Google Rouvy web site management:
As an iTunes/Google subscriber, your subscription is marked on the website as “Standard”:



Subscription detail view:

  1. Purchase Rouvy web subscription via button “Buy subscription”.
  2. Button “Manage iTunes subscription” redirect to iTunes Store.


Do not forget to cancel your iTunes/Google subscription.