Rouvy Gift Cards

The Rouvy Gift Card is a way how to gift the Rouvy 6-Months or 1-Year Premium Subscription to your family or friends. You can buy the cards via our shop and you have to pay via your PayPal account.

Have you bought a Rouvy Gift Card?

Congratulation! Once you paid via PayPal we will send you the Rouvy Gift Card with voucher code as PDF within 1-2 working days via e-mail.


How to apply the Rouvy Gift Card?

This tutorial is for the end user as the receiver of the gift...

New to Rouvy?

  • Download and Install
  • Launch the app and Create Rouvy account
  • Activate the voucher code in Settings -> Subscription

Already a Rouvy User?

  • Log in to Rouvy App and activate the Rouvy voucher code in Settings -> Subscription

Attention: Are you already the Rouvy Premium Subscriber and do you want to apply for the Rouvy Gift Card? Please contact our support team via, include there the voucher code from the Rouvy Gift Card and we will set up everything for you.

The Gift card doesn't offer the Family Sharing feature. 


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