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In this article, you will find the most frequently asked questions about free trial period, and the relevant answers to help you out. 

There is also an article explaining the free trial period and how to activate it in more detail, please, take a look at it here.

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How long is the free trial period?

As a new user, you are entitled to a 14-days free trial period after registration.


How can I register for a free trial period?

In short, you just need to create a ROUVY account and ride for at least 5 minutes. Please, follow the activation steps in this article.


When is the free trial period activated?  

It is activated when you ride for at least 5 minutes, and you are a new user.


Is a credit card required to activate the free trial period?

No, a credit card is not needed. Once the trial expires, you can decide to purchase a subscription or not. 


Can I use ROUVY without a subscription or account?

Unfortunately, not. You need to create an account, and then you can try ROUVY during your 14-days free trial period. No credit card is needed for this.


Can I use all functions when I am in the 14-day trial period?

You can enjoy all functions that the ROUVY app offers, except for importing outdoor activities. 


What happens when free trial period is over?

Once the trial expires, you can't enter the ride anymore. You can reactivate your subscription at any time to unlock all functionality again by purchasing any type of ROUVY subscription.


Will my data be deleted once the free trial period expires?

No, your data won’t be deleted. You can always choose to purchase a subscription and continue cycling in the same account you've created initially.


What happens if I purchase the ROUVY subscription before my free trial period expires?

If you buy your subscription directly through ROUVY,  you will be charged only when the trial period expires


Why does my iTunes / Google Play subscription start immediately and not after the free trial period?

The iTunes / Google Play subscription is not linked with the ROUVY free trial period, unfortunately. When you purchase the iTunes / Google Play subscription, it is active immediately. We strongly recommend purchasing your subscription directly through the Rouvy website. Here is the section dedicated to external subscriptions, including the steps how to migrate them.


What if I cannot ride right away after creating my ROUVY account?

No problem here - your free trial period starts after you’ve ridden at least 5 minutes. So when your trainer is ready, complete your first ride and activate your free trial period.


I’ve purchased the subscription before my free trial expired, do I lose the rest of my trial?

If you’ve purchased your subscription through ROUVY directly, then you will be charged after your free trial expires.

If you purchase your subscription through iTunes/ Google Play, then it is active immediately. We recommend purchasing your subscription directly from ROUVY.


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