Paced Rides

ROUVY Paced Rides allow you to instantly jump on a ride and start cycling.

The best and most ridden ROUVY routes are just one click away.

Choose the difficulty level, and start cycling immediately.

We introduce our new Paced Ride feature on your bottom-left dashboard tile in your ROUVY App version 2.22.0 and newer.


What is New?

  • We've prepared several popular ROUVY routes that follow one another and create an endless cycling route.
  • With Paced Rides, you will never ride alone.
  • You can join anytime by clicking the JOIN NOW button on the Paced Ride tile. When you join, you will appear on the route stretch near the leader, and you can start cycling instantly.

Please note:

when the leader is nearing the end of the route (around 10 minutes before the current route ends),
you will not be added to the current route but you'll start the next one. We do not want you to start a route that immediately ends, hence this setting.

  • You can stop anytime you want, no commitment, just enjoy your ride.
  • You can continue as long as you want, the rides are available all the time. After you've finished one route you will be offered to continue on a very similar route with the RIDE NEXT prompt. Just click "Continue" and cycle on.
  • Paced Rides leaders constantly ride specific routes at the same pace

Leaders work on the normal ROUVY magnet scenario basis: you need to stay close to the Paced Ride leader by producing the same effort (watts) as the leader. The magnet pulls you forward if you need help keeping up, and it pulls you back if you decide to challenge the leader. More on the magnet scenario in this article.

  •  You need to choose the difficulty level directly on the tile.
    This is the effort maintained by the Paced Ride leader: 
    1. EASY level: FTP < 2 W/kg;
    2. MEDIUM level: FTP is between 2 - 4 W/kg;
    3. HARD level: FTP > 4 W/kg.

If you are not sure what FTP is, please, take a look at this article.

  • You will get COINS for your effort. Please note: Paced Rides do not count as Challenges, so you will not get any extra or bonus coins.




  • non-competitive - all athletes are welcome,
  • instantly and constantly available - anyone can join anytime,
  • adjustable difficulty - choose between the difficulty levels directly on the dashboard tile.


If you have any issues with Paced Rides, or something is unclear, do not hesitate to contact us.

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