Subscription Overview:

Rouvy subscription plan options are based on the level of performance and options that best suit your training needs. Like to know more, please check this Subscription Overview:

Please remember that the Rouvy subscription is linked to the user account that was used during the purchase.


Subscription Plans:


Rouvy PREMIUM subscription

Let us introduce you to the most powerful subscription - the Premium subscription is universal and cross-platform. You are able to log into any supported device (PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android). And, of course, you will have access to all the Premium content and features.

Premium features

  • Premium routes
  • Real partner (up to 3 more real partners/trainers from the same PC)
  • Family subscription sharing
  • 5 allowed devices
  • Advanced Pedal Metrics
  • Career
  • Plus, more




Rouvy STANDARD subscription

A Standard Subscription will perfectly match for PC, Android, and iOS users. Also, if you use only your device and you don’t choose to have the Premium, then you find this to be the best choice. The app can run on three different devices.




Special subscriptions / licenses:


Rouvy iPad/Rouvy iPhone subscription purchase over iTunes

As we have already mentioned above, the Rouvy iOS subscription purchase over iTunes does not allow the iOS cross devices features. Also, the iTunes subscription is joined to the device (Apple ID), and that’s the reason you are not able to switch from iPad to iPhone.

*the prices for iTunes are mentioned in USD, please remember that the price could be different in other currencies, and modify by local taxes rules.


Rouvy android subscription purchase over Google play

The Rouvy Android subscription purchase over Google Play allows connecting 3 Android devices, but only to devices that are registered under your Google Account, unfortunately, that's the reason you are not able to access the Rouvy app from another platform.

*The prices for Google Play are mentioned in USD; please remember that the price could be different in other currencies, and modified by local tax rules.


Apple iTunes subscription

If you’ve purchased your subscription via iTunes (Rouvy iPad or Rouvy iPhone), you have to manage your subscription from your iTunes account. We have no way to access your iTunes account and manage your subscription. For more information regarding iTunes subscription management, please click here. 


Android Google Play subscription
Similar to the Apple Subscription, the Android versions managed from Google Play, and any management of your account must be managed by your Google Play account. Click here for more information. 


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