How to connect Smart trainer - Desktop

Follow these steps to connect your smart trainer:


Via Bluetooth:

We recommend using BlueGiga Dongle dongle as the most comfortable solution.


Via ANT+:

If you want to communicate via ANT+, you will need ANT+ USB Dongle.

1. Open Rouvy application, log in and go to Settings, tap Trainer and Sensors buttons and choose Select Trainer

Select Trainer


2. Select correct type and brand of your trainer

3. Please make sure your BLE or ANT+ is enabled



4. Click Select to make the buttons green and close




Now, you have successfully connected your smart trainer and you can start with choosing a route.



The smart trainers enable to control the resistance by the Rouvy and enable to read the accurate current power. Therefore this kind of trainers is the most effective and realistic. Many of trainers enable to communicate via both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols, some support one protocol only. Please, check the documentation to your trainer what protocol is supported. Based on protocol and the platform you can check what all accessories you will need to connect trainer with Rouvy. Here is the compatibility list.

Rouvy calculates the virtual speed to be able to compare the results across all users and trainers. Read more about how the virtual speed is calculated here.




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note: this video contains the older version of the app, please apologize us for some of the inaccuracies.