- How to Upgrade Previous Generation of VirtualTraining Desktop to Subscription Based Version

This offer has been terminated. No more possible to make an upgrade as described below... Please buy a new Standard or Premium Rouvy Subscription


Who is eligible for the upgrade?

Upgrades to the desktop subscription based version are intended for current CycleOps customers with a CycleOps VirtualTraining software license. These licenses were distributed until the summer of 2013 as a stand-alone license or as part of a PowerBeam Pro trainer or 400 Pro Indoor Cycle package.

Why should I upgrade?

Beginning Fall of 2013, old VirtualTraining licenses will stop receiving software updates. Subscription versions will offer new features such as interval training, cardio training, online racing, and faster downloading of routes and videos.

How do I upgrade and how much does it cost?

You can make the upgrade within the licensed desktop application (main menu > Subscription and Support > Upgrade into Subscription) only. After agreeing to the Terms of Use, the system will change your existing license to a subscription that will expire 12 months after activation. This means existing CycleOps Virtual Training license holders are eligible for a free 12 months subscription.

The desktop application will be switched to the new version automatically and you will have access to new enhancements.

Upgrade in detail

  1. Launch current version of CycleOps VirtualTraining desktop application. After the start, you should be asked to make the update of the application. Confirm automatic update.
  2. Once the update is done and the design of the application is updated, you can see the new version number, and a list of new features - interval training, online racing...
  3. If you want to upgrade your subscription, go to main menu > Subscription and Support > Upgrade to subscription.  
  4. Continue in upgrade wizard dialog


- You have to agree with new Terms and conditions of VirtualTraining portal and applications.



- Each subscription (and Subscription's license number) has to have some owner. Select one user profile from your desktop which will be used as the owner of the subscription.



- Upgrading will take few seconds or minutes. YOU MUST BE ONLINE. You will see confirmation dialog when everything upgrade will finish.



- Restart the application for sure. Anytime you can check expiration date of subscription in About section (main menu -> Subscription and Support -> About)


What happens if I don’t upgrade?

If you choose not to upgrade, you can continue to use the licensed version without any limitations but will not gain access to interval training, online racing, and other completely new features.

Is the upgrade offered for a limited time?

The offer of an upgrade to a subscription based version is available until December 31, 2013. You can make the upgrade after this date, but you will not get the 1-year subscription for free.