- Changelog - Desktop 3.X.X (old/lifetime version)

The latest installer of the older version 3.X.X you can download it here. This version is not recommended, no active development of new features for this version. This version is available primarily for the VirtualTraining lifetime license holders.


Version 3.6.7890

  • Removed discontinued Google Earth Plugin (only Google Maps available)

Download here: here


Version 3.6.7881

  • The fixes of route downloading and streaming
  • The fix of online races
  • Removed the integrated editor (use the external route editor - Download on www.virtualtraining.eu)

Download here: here


Version 3.6.7856

  • Fix of route upload
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Download here: here.


Version 3.6.4210

  • Partial support of Bluetooth in Windows 10
  • Fix of scripts in Google Maps
  • Speed up the download of routes
  • Minor fixes

Download here: here


Version 3.5.3025

  • Fix of app freezing in workout section
  • Fix crash in 0% of App initialization
  • Fix of virtual partner view in Google Maps
  • Fix of cadence sensor priority with IC400,300,Phantoms
  • Fix of my workout list syncing
  • Fix of GPX import from Garmin Virb
  • Few more minor fixes/Improvements

Download here: here


Version 3.5.3010

  • Support of magnetless sensors
  • Fix of FIT import (calories)
  • UI/UX improvements for lifetime license holders
  • Fix of cadence issue – Speed to power trainers
  • Fix of HR/Cad labels in workout
  • Fix of virtual partner view in Google Maps
  • Improvements in GPX, TCX, FIT import
  • Fix for the issue during init. of App

Download here: here


Version 3.4.2896

  • Integration of MULTIremote - Dual ANT+/BTLE remote buttons to control the change of view, gears, pause...
  • Support of Phantom 5 via BTLE
  • Improvements in workout training
  • Integration of text instructions
  • Calibration in workout pre-training wizard
  • UI Improvements
  • Fix of GPX from Garmin Virb
  • Fix of “Internet routes” error
  • Fix crash during end of training (special users)
  • Fix for error during activities upload (Time format problem)
  • Few more minor fixes…