Windows 7 and BlueGiga issue


We have a few reports of disconnecting trainers/sensor when using a BlueGiga dongle with Windows 7. First of all, check the article "Why I can't see my sensor/trainer?". If you checked it and it didn't help, here is a quick tip for you. The easiest way how to "fix" it is to close the Rouvy app, plug out and back the dongle, restart PC and run the Rouvy again.

For those who didn't help it, there is what you should check in Windows device manager:

 (Press a Start button and just type "Device manager" and open it, you should see a window like this)



Tap the "View" tab in the menu on the top of the window and check if the item "Show hidden devices" is enabled. If so, make sure that you have only one BlueGiga Bluetooth Low Energy port created in "Ports (COM & LPT)".

As well as you should check if any of other serial devices you have connected to your PC don't use the same COM port - it means that all com port names in parenthesis (in this case COM3, COM8) have to be unique.

The recommendation is to not manipulate with BlueGiga dongle and any other USB-to-Serial devices when Rouvy app is running at all and it's strongly recommended to not change the "com port names" in Windows device manager.


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