CYCLEOPS Hammer / H2

CycleOps trainers


Connection: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart

Supported platforms: Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android

Firmware: on the Hammer can be updated wirelessly when new firmware releases are available (for iOS, Android or PC). Your iOS device must be iPhone 4s or later, iPod Touch 5th generation or later, or iPad Mini/iPad 3 or later. If you are updating from a PC using a Bluegiga USB dongle is necessary. Android device has to support Bluetooth 4.0.

Firmware update:
For the CycleOps trainers please head over to our Rouvy Desktop App, plug in your BlueGiga Bluetooth dongle, go to Settings of the App - BIKE Tab - Select trainer and connect it - Click on the trainer - Check firmware button. More info here.

Youtube tutorial:


How to connect this Smart trainer? Check the article below