How to connect Smart trainer - Android

Before connecting your smart trainer, please check if your trainer is supported by Rouvy.
You can find the list of trainers supported at where you will also find whether to connect your trainer via Bluetooth, ANT+ or both.

If you use Bluetooth, minimum technical requirements are Bluetooth 4.0 support. As for the ANT+ connection, we recommend Samsung devices with inbuilt ANT+. Otherwise, your device needs to support USB Host Support and you will be asked to purchase extra accessories.


1. To connect your trainer you will need to login into your Rouvy app and then go to "Dashboard" -> "Settings"

How to connect Smart trainer to Android


2. Select "Trainer&Sensors" from the menu and check if your ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart Sensors are on if you decide to use any of them

How to connect Smart trainer to Android


3. After that, select a type of your trainer from the Trainer List. You can see an example of CycleOps - Magnus below

How to connect Smart trainer to Android


4. Finally, you will be asked to scan your trainer. If you connect your trainer via ANT+ the icon should be black instead of gray

How to connect Smart trainer to Android


In the picture below you can see an example of successfully connected CycleOps - Magnus trainer.

How to connect Smart trainer to Android


The smart trainers enable to control the resistance by the Rouvy and enable to read the accurate current power. Therefore this kind of trainers is the most effective and realistic. Many of trainers enable to communicate via both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols, some support one protocol only. Please, check the documentation to your trainer what protocol is supported. Based on protocol and the platform you can check what all accessories you will need to connect trainer with Rouvy. Here is the compatibility list.

Rouvy calculates the virtual speed to be able to compare the results across all users and trainers. Read more about how the virtual speed is calculated here.



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