How to connect the Kettler Premium Display

Display Settings

KETTLER E-Premium Display

1. Premium display visible. Turn on Bluetooth at the display of the device.
Device settings > Bluetooth ON.

2. Change the mode to APP/PC.
Device name and device number are available below. Go back to the main menu.

3. iPhone /Ipad connection

Please pair it with the IOS Bluetooth settings first, because without a connection you won‘t see the device inside the app in the next steps.

Connect your KETTLER PREMIUM Display

You can see the device, as soon as Bluetooth is turned ON inside the device.

Connect your KETTLER PREMIUM Display

4. After the first connection, the user has to confirm a security PIN. If a connection is established correctly, Premium Display will show an APP Mode Screen.

Connect your KETTLER PREMIUM Display

Equipment connection

Go to "Trainer&Sensors" settings and click the button "Select trainer". Choose the correct brand and type of your trainer. Then click the button "Select" to make the button next to your trainer green.


Equipment connected

Ensure you have saved your training equipment after selection. Go to SETTINGS / Trainer & sensors.

When the App is connected with the fitness computer, the display is showing the following message: "device connected to Kettler supported Software".

On your training screen, you can see your exercise detection device. Once confirmed, you can start training.

For a 2nd use, you do not need to confirm the Bluetooth connection of the device again. You can start your training session directly.

Connect your KETTLER PREMIUM Display