Augmented Routes and new UI - Known issues


  • Especially, on downhill segments, if riding fast, the riders in the video can stop and twitch again. It means the graphics card and/or CPU processor has reached its maximum performance capacity and not processing video frames on time making virtual models to ‘twitch”.
  • In case of Group ride, Augmented routes with ghosts etc - there are some additional hardware requirements for graphics and CPU. The screen can freeze.

In Windows, you can verify the CPU usage: press "ctrl+alt+delete" simultaneously, then click "Task Manager", then click the "Performance" tab in the upper menu.

  • O-synce remote control doesn't work for AR routes yet (it is expecting during January 2019)


Possible solutions:

  • Try to close all other apps and try to ride again. The recommended hardware configuration here.    
  • Try to switch off the video smoothing (ride menu -> options)

Windows N issue:

  • If you have Windows N version and you are having problems with AR videos, please download and install this package from Microsoft. After this installation will be done, the video should be working. 



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