Augmented Reality - FAQ

FAQ - AR public beta


1.11.2018 Public beta of Augmented routes (including Group Ride)



How many routes do you currently have in the system? We have 2000+video routes in the system yet.


How many videos will you have available for this, in Public beta? We will have at least 10 augmented routes ready for public beta. Once we finalize the optimization based on the testing, we will add thousands of kilometers of the augmented routes.


Video smoothing feature will be available very soon for all our certified and premium routes too.


Group  rides:

How many riders can participate in an event at one time? We calculate up to 100 for the first beta testing, ideally “unlimited” in the production version.


Is there a limit to how many riders on a given route at one time? As above.


Do you have time trials? All our current routes are “time trials”. It means you ride alone and you can compare yourself with others in the route records. The same we will keep for the Augmented routes too and we will include the online races, group rides...


Limit on the virtual partners? (How many records are possible to add as virtual partners?) PC - up to 3, Android / iOS - 1 virtual partner.


Ghosts: The bots that accompany your avatar on the course. The bots have branded Rouvy’s (black/white/yellow) jerseys and don’t have an FTP. Usually, you will see 1 in front of you, max 2 overall. The bots are working by default (in ‘training mode’) and not possible to turn off.


Real-time races

Will there be a published series of rides? Yes, we have to start step by step. November it’s about time trials, AR testing, video smoothing, group rides and we want to verify the performance globally. In December we will release the online races, January promoted scheduled races.


Do you want scheduled group rides? The Group ride will be available with the start of public beta. It’s up to users to discuss the scheduled ride via Rouvy Facebook Group etc. Rouvy will have the Online races scheduled only.



Is it ready for use now? 1.11. - The public beta for all our active subscribers (or in the trial period for the new users) as part of the Rouvy standard installation. Each user can choose between the new UI (Augmented routes included) and “the old UI” until the public beta is running.


Cost? $10/monthly for Premium, $6.25/monthly for Standard. While in public beta-AR is to be available to all subscribers, including Standard subscribers and the users with the active trial period.



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