Rouvy AR - Group Rides

We come with a new feature "Group Ride", which brings you a new possibility to ride with your friends. Here is some information about how to join a group ride.



Go to Rouvy app > Augmented routes > choose the route and ride it in the Training mode.

You can move your position on the route, where you want. Or you can use our new feature “Find rider”. For example, if you come later to the planned ride - you can simply use the button and write here the username of the leader of the ride or anyone, whom you want to catch up and ride with him. Click the “Follow” button and your position on the route will be moved next to this rider.


Another option in the training mode is to change your “Reality level”. A reality level is a tool, which allows you to change the level of true load. The default is 100%, which is the real effort in comparison with the outdoor. If you want to ride easier, you can set it to less (1- 99%).




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