Problems with Internet connection

Are you facing a problem with an Internet connection? Please see below for possible solutions.

  1. If you are connecting through a router, please try restarting your router and computer in that order. You can also try connecting straight to your modem.

  2. Your firewall can block the Rouvy app, please make sure Rouvy has permission to go through.

  3. Your connection can be blocked by your proxy or VPN. Try turning them off.

  4. Your hardware (router, modem) can also be protected by a firewall. To change those settings, please contact your Internet provider.

  5. Check your firewall and router, if they allow standard HTTPS (port 443) for outgoing traffic and all incoming and outgoing UDP traffic on port 123 (NTP) and 14325 (for a route group ride and online races).


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