FTMS support

Rouvy is always keeping up with the fitness industry innovations.

“FTMS” stands for the new FiTness Machine Service protocol to control fitness equipment, such as bike trainers and treadmills. Just as with Bluetooth Smart (if you have it you won’t need a BlueGiga dongle) this industry effort is seeking to improve the equipment connectivity process. Previously making Bluetooth-connected trainers work with Rouvy was challenging sometimes because each sensor historically required a specific protocol within a Bluetooth family. Now with the FTMS, each fitness equipment unit using this protocol is compatible with Rouvy as it's a standard one and already supported.

Deploying FTMS does not require from you any special action. When connecting via Bluetooth Rouvy will automatically define and use the best available way to connect your training unit. With more vendors adopting the standard end customers can count on a more seamless experience across the apps. FTMS will keep the beta status for a period while the industry continues works on improvement of this protocol.