GooglePlay subscription

Potential new GooglePlay subscriber:

It is no longer possible to purchase a new GooglePlay subscription.

Current GooglePlay subscriber:

If you are a current GooglePlay subscriber, the subscription plan automatically renews until you cancel it. To avoid being charged, you must cancel it at least a day before each renewal date. If you wish to cancel your GooglePlay subscription and get a refund, please contact GooglePlay directly. Unfortunately, we are not competent to manage payments that were made via GooglePlay. You may change your payment method through the corresponding store account. It is not possible to renew a GooglePlay subscription that has already expired. Do you wish to subscribe and start the ride? Purchase your new ROUVY subscription

Do you have some Discount or Voucher coupons and do you wish to apply them?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply Discount coupons or activate a Voucher coupon when you are a GooglePlay subscriber. We have a solution for you: migrate your subscription to ROUVY today and enjoy riding with all the benefits. How can you migrate from GooglePlay to ROUVY?

1. At first, cancel your GooglePlay subscription. How to cancel a GooglePlay subscription? More info here. Order at least 1 month of the ROUVY primary subscription.

2. Provide login with your user ROUVY credentials. Go to settings on the web –> subscription –> and simply click the large green button “Subscribe”. Purchase at least one month of original ROUVY subscription.

3. Send the receipt for the subscription to As well as the receipt for your GooglePlay subscription, and we will be able to transfer the remaining time that was on your GooglePlay subscription to your account.

4. If you do not have the receipt from your subscription purchased through GooglePlay, please take a screenshot that shows the remaining time on your subscription (GooglePlay subscription management in your GooglePlay account setting).

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