ROUVY Running

Great news for runners and triathletes who welcome to add indoor running into their training regimen.

We are excited to bring you indoor Running in the ROUVY app. 

Running app is a Beta and for FREE at the moment.

It is available on all applications Mac, Apple TV, Windows, iOS, and Android. Let's get started.

Signing up / Logging up

This is how the screen looks from the start.

Log in under your credentials. If you are a new ROUVY user, click the SIGN-UP button.

Also, there is an option of signing up using your Facebook account.


For the first use, the user has to select the preferred profile --> RUNNING


The Start Screen

At the start screen, you have to click at the top right corner of the screen to open settings.


Click the "Sensors"


Connect to the speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors and you are free to go.


The last step. Get ready to run. After connecting the sensors and selecting the route, just click on the start button and go.


BETA limitations - Users can´t create Running Race.

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