Problems with connection or visibility of my trainer or sensor

If you are not able to find or connect your trainer/ sensors on the ROUVY app, check the following:

  • Try to pedal for a few seconds and then check again on the ROUVY app to see if your trainer/ sensors are now visible.
  • Physical distance- make sure your trainer is closer to your device. 
  • Check your trainer cables and make sure they are connected correctly from the power source to the trainer.
  • Check the batteries. If you don’t see any blinking light or only red light, change the batteries. Check if the batteries are put correctly.
  • Check and make sure that your trainer/sensor is not connected to any other apps (like Zwift, RGT, etc) or any devices that are in the room.
  • Please make sure there are no applications (such as Garmin or Zwift) that are using the ANT+/ BLUETOOTH service running in the background. 
  • Exit all apps that are not necessary to be run, and restart your device and the ROUVY app.

NB*   It is a good idea at this point to check if there is an update to your trainer’s firmware before you continue. Use the app supported by your trainer to check for firmware updates regularly.

Windows and macOS

For Windows, turn on your PC for at least 20 minutes before cycling, so Windows Update has done its work.

To check if your Bluetooth is turned ON on your system, go to:  (Windows Settings → Devices → Bluetooth & other devices → Bluetooth is toggled ON).

For macOS users to check if your Bluetooth is turned ON on your system, go to (macOS → System Preferences→ Bluetooth → Bluetooth is toggled ON).

Please make sure that no other apps which use BLUETOOTH are running in the background.

Close all the apps on your device and run only the ROUVY app.

If you have an ANT USB Dongle, unplug it and plug it back into the USB port. Also, check your USB port, and make sure it is not broken.

Turn ON your trainer and pedal for a few seconds, then start the app and connect your trainer to ROUVY app only. 

Android, Apple TV, iPhone/iPad

Please make sure that no other applications are running in the background or using BLUETOOTH / ANT+ services, and make sure that Bluetooth is turned ON on your device.

Please make sure there are no other Bluetooth devices around because they might interrupt or disturb your trainer's connection to the App. 

For iPhone/iPad devices → Check to make sure that you have Bluetooth turned ON for ROUVY App.   (Go to Settings → ROUVY → Bluetooth ON).

For Apple TV  Go to Settings → Remotes and Devices → Bluetooth. Your Apple TV will search for nearby Bluetooth accessories.

On Android → Try to clear the cache and data. Go to settings and find applications (apps). Tap apps and find ROUVY. From the options that appear, click on "Storage" and then "Clear cache," and if this does not help, click on "Clear data." 

If you have an ANT+ USB Dongle, unplug it and plug it back. (*NB* This applies to android devices).

Start the app and try again to connect your trainer to ROUVY app only.

  Important Notice

  • Some sensors communicate only via ANT+. Make sure you have the ANT+ stick on your Pc/iPad/iPhone or Android. (some Androids don’t need the ANT+ stick).
  • Make sure your speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors are Bluetooth compatible.
  • Make sure your ANT+ dongle is firmly plugged in (we support a 2.0 USB dongle).
  • In the case of Heart Rate Monitors, sometimes you need to get the sensor pads or clean the sensors.

For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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