Problems with connection or visibility of my trainer or sensor.

This article is for you if you have a problem with connecting or visibility of your trainer or sensor.


  • Check the batteries. If you don’t see any blinking light or only red light, change the batteries. Check if the batteries are put correctly.
  • Dying sensors or trainer - try to borrow one from your friends to confirm this option. 

Signal interference

  • Physical distance - the closer, the better.
  • Any object between trainer and device can cause signal loss. 
  • Wireless signal interference -Bluetooth headphones, speakers, WiFi router, Microwave ovens, Any devices that use a cable to connect to a computer or power source, Unshielded cables, Anything else that transmits a wireless signal, wireless computer accessories, etc.
  • Fans generate an electromagnetic field around them that can block signals - try another positioning.


  • Turn off BLE on your device and then turn it back on again.
  • Disconnect the sensor from the other apps. You can use your sensor only with one application, and it is ROUVY now. 
  • Open your Bluetooth settings and search for Bluetooth devices. If your devices do not appear, there is an issue with the sensor, or it is paired to something else.
  • Make sure your ANT+ dongle is firmly plugged in (we support a 2.0 USB dongle). 


  • Some sensors communicate only via Ant+. Make sure you have the Ant+ stick in your Pc/iPad/iPhone or Android. (some Androids don’t need the Ant+ stick).
  • Make sure your speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors are Bluetooth compatible.


  • Check the firmware version. Keep your firmware up to date.
  • Activate your sensor.  Make sure you did a few rounds with a pedal. In the case of heart rate monitors, sometimes you need to wet the sensor pads. Clean the sensors.
  • Clear your app cache. 
  • Restart ROUVY and try pairing again.

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