ROUVY AR - Supported smart trainers

!Make sure your trainer is supported!


1. Acer

  • Xplova Noza S - only via Ant+

2. APX

  • Pro Xpedo

3. Elite

  • Drivo I
  • Drivo II
  • Direto
  • Direto X
  • Direto XR
  • Suito
  • Zumo

4. Kinetic

  • Kinetic R1
  • NB*: We support 2018 model trainers with build-in ANT+.

5. Saris / CycleOps

  • Hammer / H2 / H3
  • Magnus / M2

6. Stac

  • Zero via Bluetooth only

7. Tacx

  • Flux 2, Flux S Smart
  • Neo / Neo 2T Smart
  • Neo 2
  • Neo Bike Smart
  • Genius Smart (T2080 and newer models)
  • i-Genius Multiplayer (T2010 and newer models)
  • Flow Smart (T2240 and newer models)
  • Vortex (T2180 ANT+ FE-C and newer models)
  • Bushido Smart (T2780 and newer models)

8. Technogym

  • MyCycling
  • Skillbike

!Launch the Technogym trainer first in the MyCycling app. Allow access to Rouvy AR!


9. Wahoo

  • Wahoo Fitness Kickr
  • Wahoo Fitness Kickr Snap
  • Wahoo Kickr Bike
  • Wahoo Kickr Core Smart Trainer

10. Wattbike

  • Atom X
  • Atom

Notes: Power Meters are also supported if they follow the BLE Cycling Power Service specifications. In the case of pedals, you will get the right data, only if both pedals measure the power separately, otherwise, you will get the half value.
Any other brands of trainers that have ANT+ FEC are supported.

You can try to connect any smart trainer that supports the BLE specification Fitness Machine Service, but we cannot guarantee that it will work if the trainer is not on the list of supported.

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