Supported Treadmills, Watches and Sensors

These are types of Treadmills, Sensors, and Watches compatible with ROUVY Running.

If you already know the Treadmill or the Sensor you have, that's great. You can check out here How to connect your Treadmill or your Sensor.

Name Picture Bluetooth ANT+ Location Notes
Technogym MyRun treadmill_techno.jpg pngegg.png



Stryd stryd_sensor.jpg pngegg.png pngegg.png Shoes  
Polar Stride sensor rtaImage2.jfif pngegg.png no.png Shoes  
Zwift Run pod rtaImage3.jfif pngegg.png no.png Shoes  
Under Armour's UA HOVR- Running shoes rtaImage4.jfif pngegg.png no.png Shoes  
Garmin Footpod SDM4 garnin_running_pod.jpg



pngegg.png Shoes  
Wahoo Tickr X run wahoo_tickr_run.jpg pngegg.png pngegg.png Chest Belt  
Runn... Smart Treadmill Sensor Runn..._Smart_Treadmill_Sensor.jpg pngegg.png



Garmin Watches rtaImage8.jfif pngegg.png



Arm Fenix 6/6S/X/Solar
Forerunner 945/745/245 rtaImage9.jfif pngegg.png



Other Watches with the Virtual Run feature are supported

NB* If the Treadmill can send data via BLE and if ROUVY sees it as a speed sensor, then you can use it normally. This applies to all Treadmills.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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