ROUVY open application

You can connect your ROUVY Account to the most popular platforms and sports applications on the market.

Here is the list of apps you can link the ROUVY app to. These include RunKeeper, Strava, Ride with GPS, TrainingPeaks, to mention but a few.

With applications like MapMyRide, RunKeeper, Strava, Ride with GPS, and TrainingPeaks account you can only connect one ROUVY account.

Connect your account with any supported social network and you can share your training data with friends. To share to Facebook or Twitter, you have to send your activity manually from the detail of the activity on our website.

To all other networks, you can send complete training data automatically. You can enable the email service, and we will send you all your activities in a .fit file format on your verified email.

Regarding your email account, no verification is required because your email is associated with your ROUVY User Account.

Note: From 1/8/2018 we stopped supporting auto-post to Facebook and Twitter because of new terms and conditions. We do enable sharing of the activity manually via our website for now.



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